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Welcome to Laurel Bicycle Center


Laurel Bicycle Center first opened its doors in 1982 and has been a part of the community ever since. We have been providing quality bicycles, parts and service for over 30 years.

People come in all sizes and need the expert fit that Laurel Bicycle can provide. We ensure that your bike is the right size and adjusted properly just for you. The result is easy, efficient, and safe cycling for the entire family.

The Bike Shop Advantage

As warmer weather approaches and you are thinking about replacing your existing bike or are a first time buyer there are many advantages in buying cycling products from a professional bicycle retailer, as opposed to a department store or mass merchant. Click here to read more.

Washington Area Multi-Use Trails

These maps show the location of recreation trails in and around the Washington DC area. All these trails are suitable for bicycling. Most trails have a paved surface, however some use a "natural" surface.

Store-Assembled Bikes Fail Safety Inspection

Bike mechanics are warning consumers to make sure the bikes have been properly assembled at the store, particularly those bought at department stores and "big box" retailers like Walmart and Target. Click on the link to read the rest of the article.

Montgomery Bikeshare Participation Exceeds Expectations

Montgomery County's Bikeshare program had about 35,000 trips in it's first year, exceeding county expctations by almost 50 percent. Click here to read the rest of the article.






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