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Welcome to Laurel Bicycle Center


Laurel Bicycle Center first opened its doors in 1982 and has been a part of the community ever since. We have been providing quality bicycles, parts and service for over 30 years.

People come in all sizes and need the expert fit that Laurel Bicycle can provide. We ensure that your bike is the right size and adjusted properly just for you. The result is easy, efficient, and safe cycling for the entire family.

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Lights at Night







  • By law, you must have a front white light and a red rear reflector in most states.
  • Motorists are familiar with white meaning front and red meaning rear.
  • Front lights can illuminate your path or simply make you visible at night.


  • Inexpensive lights seldom light your path; at about 3 watts, they make you visible
  • Most full-time commuters use at least a 10 watt system with a rechargeable battery.

Power Source

  • From AA and AAA batteries to rechargeables, the options are endless.
  • Self-contained, recharegeable batteries have the best life and brightest lights.
  • Simple AA and AAA powered lights have lower initial cost but reguent battery replacement. 

Helmet vs. Bar Mount


  • Helmet mounted lights allow you to get the attention of motorist by looking at them.
  • Bar mounted lights make you look more like a vehicle but only point forward.
  • The ideal situation is one helmet light and one bar-mounted light for safety.

Rear Lights

  • A red rear blinking light is much more conspicuous than a passive reflector.
  • Make sure that your light is visible to motorists and not pointing up or down.
  • Clear obstuctions from the back of the bike that would block the light.




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