Laurel Bicycle Center

Our Store Has Closed

It is with great sadness that we announce that the final day has come and Laurel Bicycle Center has closed. Thank you to everybody who helped to make our final weeks good ones. We greatly appreciate all the support and loyalty our customers have shown us over the years. We will miss you all.

Laurel's Neighborhood Bike Shop Since 1982.



Maryland Bicycle Laws

Bicycles are prohibited on:

  • Roads where the posted speed limits are greater than 50 mph (riding on the shoulder of the roadway is permitted)
  • Expressways or other roadways where bicycles are prohibited
  • The travel lanes of roads where there exists a smooth shoulder or bicycle lane (except to make left turns or to avoid debris in the shoulder space)

On all public roads, where bicycling is allowed, the operator must:

  • Wear a bicycle helmet if they are under 16 years old
  • Obey all traffic signs, signals and other traffic devises
  • Ride in the same direction as motor vehicles, as near to the right side of the roadway as possible
  • Use standard arm signals to alert other drivers of lane changes and turns
  • Stop for school buses when they are loading or unloading children
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Refrain from wearing a headset that covers both ears

Legally, the bicycle must be equipped with:

  • Front and rear lamps and reflectors if the bicycle is used on a public road at any time when there is insufficient light or inclement weather
  • A bell or horn (sirens and whistles are not acceptable)
  • Brakes